Thursday, October 25, 2012

Large Huge Enormous Big Gigantic

Boulder, Colorado's own Big Gigantic took the stage last Saturday night in Boise for one of the best sets of "jamtronica" witnessed at the Knitting Factory in Idaho. A mix of sampling, electronic beats, hip-hop, live drumming and live sax made for a vast array of sonic textures over the course of their 2-hour show, not to mention the ridiculous light show to add to the mood and feel of the evening.

Dominic Lalli's mixing and jazz-and-latin-influenced saxophone playing added great lead runs to a smokin' electronic backdrop, while drummer Jeremy Salken was absolutely relentless on the kit, as his longest break of the evening was roughly 16 seconds, if memory serves. These guys have been getting bigger and bigger on both the electronic and jam band scenes over the last few years, and from the sounds of it, they are not planning on letting up any time soon...

Big Gigantic 1

Big Gigantic 2

Big Gigantic 3

Big Gigantic 4

Big Gigantic 5

Big Gigantic 6